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Global customs management from Blue Freight Service.
Legally compliant. Audit-proof. In every process.

Customs clearance driven by passion. Yes, really.

Customs nomenclature, NCTS codes, closing portions, outward processing: Whatever jargon you encounter, you can sit back and relax. We take care of all customs-relevant details concerning your goods traffic. Use our expertise in customs and foreign trade law to your advantage!

Cross-border transport made simple.

Goods to declare? Good.

We guide you through the challenges of customs clearance with expertise and experience and ensure that your goods cross every border smoothly. Customs declarations are carried out by us in a legally-compliant and audit-proof manner so that you can rest easy even before a customs inspection.

We minimize potential risk areas in customs clearance, utilize all legal options and intelligently manage processes to your advantage – because we know how. As an AEO-certified company, we are among the “Authorized Economic Operators” audited in accordance with the EU Code. This status confers preferential treatment in security-related customs controls and simplified processing in accordance with regulations.

Thanks to our perfected procedures, you can avoid additional payments and possible customs penalties. Let us advise you in the planning phase of customs management! With our blue Academy, we also train your employees on all customs-related topics to take the anxiety out of customs processes.

Benefits to you
Integrated customs management
Binding information on customs tariffs
Identification of potential risk areas
Quick and reliable customs clearance
Exhaustive application of all customs options
Best practices: Industry & trade

Unaccustomed speed

Loading large quantities of goods can lead to waiting times at border customs offices. We minimize time losses through coordinated measures, for example, through the use of warehouses that are registered as authorized recipients – and thereby provide our clients with competitive advantages. For us, customs clearance is not merely a necessity, but also an opportunity to optimize supply chains.

Best practices: Textile industry

Woven or knitted?

Small differences in the declaration often result in major differences in customs taxation: Whether a textile is knitted or woven, whether it is declared as “unisex” or whether it was inward or outward processed is relevant for customs – and thus for us as well. We assist many fashion companies from pricing to finishing, far beyond the Silk Road. There are no loose threads with us.

Best practices: Concert ensemble on tour

Globetrotting with
timpani and trumpets

Concert ensemble tours are not always harmonious from a customs point of view. We’ve safely carried the often highly sensitive instruments of various orchestras back and forth across borders on their journeys. We even transport well tempered pianos – at the right temperature: Containers with temperature and shock sensors or GPS tracking are matters of course for us.

Best practice: Film crews

Fantastic film set,
action at customs

“Come on, let’s pack up the camera and make a music video in Rio!” To ensure that creative filmmakers don’t inadvertently wind up as the protagonists in an adventure film, we ensure the customs-compliant, temporary export and re-importation of expensive equipment. We’ve saved many a film crew from excruciating outtakes.